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The highest number of ad options across the Facebook network. Show off your creativity to users as they interact with all the fun that Facebook has to offer. Ad formats: in-feed, right column, instant articles, in-stream video, stories, and market place.


Growing at an astonishing rate, Instagram offers a highly attentive user base. Advertise on mobile, where customers are becoming more and more active every day. Ad formats: in-feed, and stories.


Give customers the one-to-one interactions they expect from their favourite brands. Use sponsored messages to encourage actions directly through Facebook’s Messenger inbox. Ad formats: inbox, and stories.

Audience Network

Engage the power of the Facebook audience network, a partnership of third party sites that host ads through the Facebook platform, making your campaigns bigger and wider-reaching for the same cost. Ad formats: native, banner, and interstitial.

Get a Free Audit

We’ll audit your account for free, to surface actionable insights that can be applied to your ad accounts on Day 1.

  • Campaign Structure

    We’ll review the technical structure of your ads account to get an understanding of audience segmentation.

  • Ad Copy

    We’ll review ad copy to ensure it communicates your most enticing value propositions.

  • Landing Pages

    We’ll review Final URLs to determine ways to improve the Landing Page experience.

Facebook Ads FAQ

It depends on the nature of your business, but we recommend a mix of all placement types. Executing a successful Facebook strategy means being there for your customers across platforms and generating loyalty to your brand. When customers take the conversion action you need, encourage further actions in the form of likes, comments, and shares to help your message reach even more customers.

Facebook has a sophisticated audience management system that operates on several dimensions. You have the basics, like targeting by age, gender, language, and geography; but the real interesting work is in the details. You can define your audience by the demographics they share (e.g. relationship status, work status), their interests (the topics they discuss and pages they visit most often), their behaviour (e.g. Are they gamers? Do they like to travel? Are they more of a desktop or mobile user?), and so much more. And of course, all of your customers’ private data stays private.

Tandm has run successful Facebook ad campaigns for clients in a variety of industries. Taking client goals to heart, we give 110% when drafting effective campaigns that don’t rack up high costs. Our strength as a boutique agency comes in the attention-to-detail that you won’t see anywhere else; we work with you to define your goals and, just as importantly, the audiences most likely to help you achieve them.

Facebook charges advertisers on a cost-per-activity basis. What this activity is, is entirely up to you. If your goal is to generate brand awareness or drive users to your Facebook page, you might employ a CPM (cost-per-1,000 impressions) or CPL (cost-per-like) strategy. But if you want to drive customers to your site, or to make a purchase, you might choose a CPC (cost-per-click) or CPA (cost-per-action) strategy.

While it may seem tough at first to stand out from the crowded field of advertisers on the world’s biggest social media platform, the nature of social media means that some of your most engaged customers are within your reach – you just need to find them. With highly-focused audience targeting, you can use captivating ads to convert users most likely to become loyal customers.

Facebook ad formats mean different things to different businesses; there is no one best format. If your product/service needs to be demonstrated, you may consider Video. If you have an e-commerce website, Collection ads may be the way to go. Image and Carousel ads are best when you’re able to convey the benefits of your product/service in a single picture. At Tandm, we learn all we can about your business to craft high-quality, attention-grabbing ads in the format that will result in the most conversions possible.

You can rest easy knowing Facebook has taken steps in recent months and years to keep customer data anonymized and in aggregate, meaning no one user can be identified from the data Facebook shares with advertisers. At Tandm, we never buy, sell, share, or distribute customer data in any way. Only the data you provide us will be used, and only to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns.

You sure can. If your customers are on Instagram, that’s where we’ll advertise. From the start of our partnership, we’ll determine the placements best for you, and an Instagram-exclusive initiative is definitely an option. We’ll customize our strategy and creative to make sure you see great returns on your Instagram ads.

In our discussions with you, we’ll determine the KPIs that create the most value for your business. Generally, we monitor conversions and the costs associated with them (CPA, or cost-per-action). But we can monitor any Facebook metrics that contribute to your strategy. From Clicks, CTR, and CPC to likes, shares, and comments, we provide you with all the data you need.

That’s right. While we don’t have a dedicated team for video, we create the graphics for all ads in-house, using imagery and assets provided by our clients. We take special care to guarantee that ad content and copy fit with your brand guidelines, capture customers’ attention, and drive them towards your conversion goals.

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