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Amvic Building System

The Client

Amvic is an industry leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) building materials with a North American distribution network of dealers, big box stores, and building material wholesalers. Amvic’s building materials are renowned for their superior quality, strength, energy efficiency and ease of use that contribute to long term cost savings and comfort.

The Challenge

Amvic recognized that they needed to invest in digital and their leadership team wanted to know more about the competitive digital landscape. Like many organizations, they first needed to get a better view into their online performance. In addition to not being provided with in-depth reports, their previous agency had built them a website that was not optimized for conversion and did not subscribe to SEO best practices. Because of this, the user experience was negatively impacted, the website did not generate many leads, and Amvic was missing out on many new business opportunities.

Website Before

Amvic Website Before

Website After

Amvic Website After

Our Approach

Using primary and secondary research, we were able to get a better understanding of Amvic’s goals and challenges. This helped us to identify the problem areas and website pain-points that Amvic would need addressed. In addition to our extensive interview process with internal and external stakeholders, we performed an SEO Audit & SWOT Analysis which informed our work. The result is a best-in-class, persona-driven website.

Our team developed Amvic’s new website using WordPress, integrated with HubSpot, allowing the company to scale as they diversify their products and services. In addition to website design and development, we continue to deliver results for Amvic with agile digital marketing services that include SEO/SEM, HubSpot Marketing Automation, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. As a result, Amvic is now able to attract a more qualified audience from Search Engines and convert more of their Visitors into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Amvic ICF Home
Amvic ICF

Website Design & Development

Our work with Amvic began by interviewing internal and external stakeholders. This allowed us to put together key audience personas that they should target with quality content. From Contractors to Architects and Building Material Distributors, attracting these individuals to the website and nurturing them would be key to improving their digital performance. With the data in hand, we designed and developed their website to accomplish this. Take a look at some of the results we’ve been able to generate in just three short months following launch:

  • 217% Increase in Form Submissions
  • 183% Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate
  • 500% Increase in Visibility in the United States
Design Personas

Buyer Persona

Using data-backed analysis, we created buyer personas that Amvic would need to attract to their website. The website’s content was then organized to display the relevant content to the right persona.

Design Colours


We worked with Amvic to ensure their branding was cohesive and consistent across online and offline channels, to improve brand recognition.

Design Textures


Working with various textures and design elements, our goal was to create a website that was intuitive and fun to use.

Amvic Website Design

Following the launch of their new website, Amvic experienced a 30% increase in website sessions, 25% increase in engagement, and 232% improvement in form conversion rate.

Goal Completions Graph

Amvic went live with their new website in August 2018. See how the number of form submissions has changed over time.

Amvic Responsive Website

Digital Ads

In order to promote Amvic’s products, several ad campaigns were launched on Google and Facebook. Key audience personas were targeted on each platform and their website was transformed into a lead generation engine. The results were amazing:

  • Facebook Ads

    Reached over 67K unique users with over 1.29MM+ impressions

  • Google Search Ads

    97% decrease in CPA, from campaigns that have generated 1MM+ impressions

  • Display Ads

    93% decrease in CPA, from campaigns that have generated 3.78MM+ impressions

Amvic Facebook Ad
Amvic Display Ad
Amvic Display Ad
Amvic Display Ads


Equipped with our toolbox of SEO best practices, the website’s sitemap and information architecture was redesigned to improve its organic search visibility. Not only did website sessions improve, so did the quality of the traffic.

  • Content Strategy

    Organic Search Conversion Rate improved by 68% following the implementation of the content strategy.

  • Information Architecture Optimization

    Organic Search Visibility improved by 234% after reorganizing their sitemap and optimizing their information architecture.

  • Keyword Research & Targeting

    Amvic’s website gained +217 new First Place Rankings through Keyword Research and Meta Data Optimization.

Content Marketing

We quickly realized that certain Amvic products have longer sales cycles. Because of this, we put together a robust content marketing plan to capture top of the funnel marketing qualified leads that are now nurtured through the buyer’s journey.

Amvic Content Marketing Forms

After months of hard work, perseverance and long conference calls, our website is finally live and we are absolutely thrilled. The entire process has been remarkable and it has been an absolute delight to work with Tandm.

Michelle Rodrigues, Amvic Building System

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