Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Paid Search Campaign Strategy & Management Services for Business.

Scalable Advertising Solutions

Increase conversions with an always-on approach to Search Advertising.

Our Process

  • Market Research & Targeting Strategy

    First, we’ll perform market research to understand your target market, competitive positioning, and develop a list of valuable audience personas. With this, we’ll devise an effective targeting strategy that will increase relevant traffic to your website. To ensure we deliver the right message to the right person, we’ll define and segment the target market into key audience segments with similar interests and behaviours.

  • Creative Development

    With input from stakeholders, we will create new ads for key audience segments and search terms. Our marketing communications team ensures that every message is perfectly crafted to optimize clicks and convert more visitors into leads and customers.

  • Landing Page Development

    When paying per click, it’s important to make each one count. That’s why we’ll develop a landing page for your campaign that is optimized for conversion.

  • Campaign Design & Structure

    We’ll create the campaigns and segment them into distinct Ad Groups. We ensure three ad variants are included in each Ad Group, to find the best combination of headlines and description lines that improve conversions and cost-per-action (CPA).

  • PPC Management, Optimization, & Reporting

    We’ll optimize the account, as we discover more about the audience and how it engages with our advertising. We’ll perform ad experiments and A/B tests, and split-test landing pages to improve your return. At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with monthly performance reports and schedule a strategy call to go over the results and adjust the strategy as necessary.

Reach Customers Everywhere—on All Devices, All Platforms

Google Ads

Build keyword-based campaigns that target the most engaged users.

Bing Ads

Reach customers wherever they are with this critical component of PPC strategy.

Gmail Ads

Find users interested in your business through high-quality Gmail ads.

YouTube Ads

Show video & display ads to users as they browse the world’s largest video-sharing platform.

Third-Party Partners

Discover new customers with interest-based targeting on the Google Display Network.

Get a Free Audit

We’ll audit your account for free, to surface actionable insights that can be applied to your ad accounts on Day 1.

  • Campaign Structure

    We’ll review the technical structure of your ads account to get an understanding of audience segmentation.

  • Ad Copy

    We’ll review ad copy to ensure it communicates your most enticing value propositions.

  • Landing Pages

    We’ll review Final URLs to determine ways to improve the Landing Page experience.

Pay-Per-Click FAQs

While most users will see your organic search results near the top of the page, there’s a good chance you’ll still appear below paid ads. Some of these ads will be competitors looking to pull customers away from your business. When that happens, you’ll want to guarantee customers see your brand above competitors at the top of the page, through a paid search ad.

Generally, clients see the greatest success when advertising on both platforms as part of an integrated, omni-channel, digital marketing strategy. However, we customize the specific marketing mix for each client, and allocate the greater portion of the budget to the platform generating the best results.

You could, but committing to a successful execution of search ads will take up a lot of time and resources that you could be devoting to your core business. Let us bring in customers, while you focus on making your business the best it can be.

Not if you’re doing it right. Tandm uses industry best practices and our own proven strategies to make your campaigns as cost-effective as possible. Whereas some agencies merely employ a ‘set it and forget it’ approach, we are in your account all the time–conducting creative tests and rigorously optimizing your campaigns for performance you won’t get anywhere else.

There are three types of keywords your campaigns can target: Brand, Generic, and Competitive. Generic and Competitive keywords target upper & mid-funnel users either starting their purchase journey, or who are more familiar with your competitors. Brand keywords target lower-funnel users who are actively searching for your business online. We use a mix of these keywords in your account to find all your customers, no matter what stage they are at in the buyer’s journey.

Shopping campaigns are one of the lowest-cost, highest-return ad formats that search engines have to offer. Using the product feed from your website, we create ads that show customers the names, images, and prices of products most relevant to their search. Each of these ads take users to the product’s corresponding page on your site, so customers can make purchases quickly and easily, and you can rest easy and watch e-commerce revenue soar.

Display & video ads work by showing ads to customers whose interests relate to your product or service. Think of a company that sells cat food. If the company wanted to find new customers online, they could show display ads to cat lovers browsing online, or show video ads to users watching their favourite cat video. As your digital marketing partner, Tandm can create the same level of highly-defined targeting for your ads.

Using the Google Display & Search Networks, you can Remarket to anyone who has interacted with your site recently—even if they’ve never clicked on an ad. You can target non-converting visitors with unique offers, or reach out to past customers with specials on new products or services. You can even customize how long a customer stays on a Remarketing list, and use different messaging depending on how recently they visited your site. The possibilities are endless, and with Remarketing on Search & Display, building customer loyalty has never been easier.

Bigger agencies certainly have bigger teams, but more layers of communication can sometimes cause bottlenecks and oversights in delivery of service. With our streamlined communications process, we ensure your requests are met effectively and in a timely manner. At Tandm, you’ll get the experience, attention-to-detail, and excellent service you expect from your digital marketing partner.

Our team pulls from a combined 15 years of knowledge and experience in Paid Search. With that level of dedication and insight, we’ve run high-impact, high-return campaigns for clients in a wide range of industries. Every member of the team here is devoted to getting you the best return on your investment. We don’t spend your money on vanity metrics, but on the results that matter to you.

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