White Label SEO Partner Program: Become an Agency SEO Reseller

Transparent SEO services for agencies. Let us handle SEO while you focus on your core competencies! 

Where’s the ROI?

Our digital strategists will help your clients leverage the power of organic search to drive measurable results, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. All of our SEO services for agencies can be white-labeled; we’ll even handle client-facing communication using your agency’s name and email address.

SEO White-Labelling & Affiliate FAQs

Tandm is proudly 100% Canadian! We are based in Toronto, with agency clients across North America (including the United States). Every part of your strategy is designed and executed in-house by one of our search engine optimization specialists.

Yes! You’ll be given detailed information on all of our services for each client you want to pitch. We’ll even put together a proposal that you can show to the client. If you get the hang of things after a while, you can start putting together your own proposals!

When deciding on the mark-up you want to add to our pricing, it’s important you first consider all costs related to account management. Our agency partners have been known to mark-up our services 50 to 200%!

Absolutely! We can retain all accountability, if you prefer letting your client know you are outsourcing work to us. (We love taking credit!)

Calling all salesmen and women; are you a superstar at sales? Tandm offers an affiliate program for non-agencies looking to refer business to us. For every client you refer and close, you will earn 10% of the recurring monthly revenue for the lifetime of the client. Interested? Introduce yourself! Email us at hi@tandmagency.com.

Yes! Anyone who refers us can earn 10% of the resulting recurring monthly revenue, for the lifetime of the client. Email us to become an affiliate.

Each one of our custom SEO strategies is tailored to the client’s business needs. That’s why we prefer to price out the cost of our services in a free, comprehensive quote. Our SEO pricing is very transparent and can be paid in monthly instalments or per project deliverable. Our quotes are very detailed and comprehensive, so you’ll get all of the information you need to sell the services to the client. For an average website, a complete website audit can cost $2,000. This covers the cost of the on-page and off-page assessments and technical recommendations, along with a thorough review and optimization of on-page meta data. The formulation of an off-page strategy, that includes content marketing, can be as low as $750 the first month. The cost of any of our services can be spread out across several months, helping to keep your client’s costs under control. We also offer several affordable SEO packages for small businesses and self-employed persons. To request a free quote, or to become an agency partner and SEO reseller, email us at hi@tandmagency.com.

Yes! We’ve put together several custom SEO packages for your small business clients, designed to maximize their ROI. If one of the affordable packages isn’t for them, we can also prepare a custom, affordable SEO strategy. To request a package, or receive a quote for an affordable, custom SEO strategy for your agency client, email us hi@tandmagency.com.

As a SME ourselves, we understand how important every dollar is to your client’s business. That’s why we’ve put together several affordable SEO packages for them. We can also design a custom SEO strategy that will maximize their ROI. To request either, you can email us at hi@tandmagency.com.

We sure do. Segments of our client-base are organizations with larger footprints, including multi-national chains, franchises, and e-commerce businesses.

Whether their business is running on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce (WordPress), BigCommerce, or some other custom solution, we can help your client grow their organic search traffic and revenue.

SEO White Label Solutions for Agencies

Help your clients grow their businesses with custom search engine optimization solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

Popular Agency SEO Services

Content Marketing

Harness the power of digital content to build brand awareness for the client’s brand.

Influencer Marketing

We’ll use influencers to amplify branded and premium content to grow the client’s reach.

Keyword Research

We’ll take the time to research keywords to understand how the client’s audience uses search.

Social Amplification

We’ll leverage likes and shares to boost SEO efforts.

Meta Data Optimization

We’ll optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions to improve click-through-rates & rankings.

SEO Website Audit

Most SEO strategies begin with an extensive audit of all on-page and off-page components.

  • Website Crawl & Mapping

    The client’s website is crawled and mapped, to get an understanding of its hierarchical structure and architecture. Internal and external resources are analyzed and any problem areas are identified.

  • Technical Site Review

    Technical components of the client’s website are audited, to determine the necessary on-page optimizations to improve crawling and indexation.

  • Content Review

    A methodical review of the client website’s content, UI/UX, and design in relation to SEO best practices. Suggestions, along with actionable-items, are developed and prioritized.

  • Backlink Analysis

    An analysis of all links pointing to the client’s website pages is performed and contrasted with their competitor link profiles.

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